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Which of these have you experienced?

Illustration that shows the use of different applications

Using multiple applications to run your business. It can be exhausting to keep switching between them.

Illustration that shows the manual process of transferring data

Taking forever to transfer and document all your orders and confirm payments. It’s a hassle to manually do this everyday.

Illustration that shows a phone receiving messages

Difficulty in reaching new customers and increasing engagement. The market is so large, it’s hard to pinpoint where to start.

It’s time to say goodbye to these hassles.

Quicklink is here to help you run your business.

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Quicklink lets you improve workflow efficiency by managing orders, money, and customer engagement all together in one platform.

Image that shows the automated transfer of data on Quicklink's dashboard

With Quicklink, you won’t need to dedicate time and effort to document all your transactions on a sheet. We’ll do it for you.

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Quicklink offers an ecosystem of sellers and buyers, allowing your shop to reach and engage with new customers on its own.

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Absolutely no setup fees.

$0 subscription, $0 setup.

Pay only when you need to. Early access partners get a discounted rate of 4% per transaction.*

* with option to offset the fees to your customers

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Here's what sets us apart.

All-in-One Platform

Manage your orders, collect your finances, analyze data, and build your shop’s webpage  —  all in one place.

Effortless Transactions

Save yourself from the hassle of manually transferring and documenting orders and payments — we’ll do it all for you.

Quick and Easy Setup

Sell right away without having to go through a long and complicated setup process. Generate instant revenue!

Quicklink Ecosystem

Your shop will be added to an ecosystem of buyers and sellers, allowing you to reach more customers with less effort!